Bernie Sanders Campaigns in Michigan in Hopes to Win Primary


Irene Spano

Supports cheer as Bernie Sanders brings up his plans to key issues.

Irene Spano, Senior Editor

Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Senator from Vermont who is running to secure the Democrat Nomination for the Presidential Race, has made stops in Michigan to gather voter support for Michigan’s Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 10th.  

Sanders held rallies Friday, March 6th at TCF Center in Detroit; Sunday, March 8th at Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids; and at the Diag (University of Michigan) in Ann Arbor and lastly he made a stop at University of Michigan Dearborn campus’ Fieldhouse on Monday, March 9th.

The reason for making stops in Michigan over the weekend is due to the Democrat Presidential Primary that took place on March 10th. This election holds voting issues regarding the DIA, Millage for Schools, and most notably the Democrat Presidential Primary. And, of course, a primary vote for the Republican party is also present, though not as noteworthy since their candidate is the incumbent. 

Rallies are an easy way for candidates to speak directly to certain demographics and gather support in those specific areas. Michigan’s primary coming right after Super Tuesday is important for candidates to help gain back some momentum if they did not win as many delegates in the former, or to gain an even bigger lead on an opponent. Sanders being behind in delegates to Vice President Joe Biden campaigning in Michigan was a must to help his chance of winning. 

His rally at the University of Michigan grew a crowd of 10,000 people. Catherine August, a senior at Lake Shore High School who attended Sanders’s rally at U of M, says, “The energy and enthusiasm of the crowds were so inspiring. I felt proud to dedicate my time towards a movement bigger than myself.”

It was an energetic crowd that hung on his every word. They felt heard by him, but other speakers as well had the same effect. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez a House Representative (D) from the Bronx who is a Democratic Socialist just like Sanders, talked about key point issues to his campaign for the presidency. She also re-enacted Reverend Jesse Jackson’s famous speech about the biblical story of David and Goliath. The ending of the story is that David the small shepherd boy defeated a long raining giant of bully simply with a slingshot, a small size rock, and faith. To Ocasio-Cortez we are the David’s of the world and we must fight to take down our oppressors. She says, “Michigan, we have Goliaths in our country today. The Goliath of the fossil fuels industry. The Goliath of Big Pharma. The Goliath of the role of Big Money in politics. These are powerful forces and we are David. We are David.”

Sanders’s rally at TCF hall in Detroit on Friday, March 6th drew a crowd of over 5,000. Another House Representative, Rashid Talib who represents Michigan’s 13th congressional district. This rally highlighted the same issues brought up in Ann Arbor those of Gun Control, increasing funding to Planned Parenthood, passing the New Green Deal, free college tuition, and healthcare for all. 

Isabella Papadhima, a senior at Lake Shore, was a part of the Sanders’ rally in Detroit. She describes the event as “energetic and lively.” She goes on to say, “It was amazing being surrounded by people with the same beliefs as you. In the moments that Bernie would speak to the audience, I felt like we really could make a change in this upcoming election.” 

Sanders’ message is one of progressive values and the urgent need for change in this country. He urges that change must happen so citizens of this country may be granted a better life including a living wage, free and accessible health care, clean water, affordable and/or free higher education, feel safe in public, and, lastly, be heard.

Irene Spano
Catherine August (Right) and Irene Spano (Left) at Bernie Sanders Rally at the University of Michigan.
Isabella Papadhima
Bernie Sanders rally on Friday, March 6th at TCF Hall in Detroit, MI.
Irene Spano
Supports cheer as Bernie Sanders talks at the University of Michigan on Sunday, March 8th.