Spreading Rainbows Over Michigan

Spreading Rainbows Over Michigan

Madelynn Windemuth, staff writer

Rainbows over Michigan is a beautiful way to spread cheer over neighborhoods during this terrible time. The Rainbows over Michigan group was made to show unity through neighborhoods, and to acknowledge that we are all in this together even when we are far apart. 

Although it is unknown how this movement got started, many people have joined in on making it a bigger group and effort. The Rainbows over Michigan group focuses on making quarantine a little brighter. Whether it is through pictures posted on the Facebook page, or decorations on your home, it surely lifts people’s spirits when they get to see them. For those who are not essential workers and the only time they leave the house is for a daily walk around the block, it gives them a sign of hope. 

People paint their windows or they use chalk on their side walks to create interesting and fun designs, or to spread positive messages to the community, some people just use pieces of paper cutout into shapes of words taped to their window, You can order laminated stencils off of facebook or amazon. 

You can participate by using paint mixed with a little dish soap on your windows, or you can cut out colored or white pieces of paper and tape them to your windows with fun designs, even chalking up your driveway works. If you do not want to spend money you can simply post a photo on any social media page to spread the cheer.

Here are some recipes to make the paint at home if you don’t have any!