Hobbies During Quarantine


Madelynn Windemuth, staff writer

With quarantine being prolonged longer than expected, it’s leaving us all bored and struggling to find things to do. For some finding new things to do comes easier than others, but this time is perfect to learn new things and find new hobbies. 

Whether you are learning to bake, or you are testing the limits with your art skills, learning to do something new is a great way to pass the time.

Lake Shore Junior ,Kylie Flanta, says,  ¨Quarantine has given her the perfect amount of time and the motivation to get something done.¨ She has not only advanced her art skills through filling her driveway with chalk drawings but she also taught herself how to juggle. Flanta states,  ¨ I’ve been trying to learn to juggle for 7 years, who knew this is what would cause me to learn.¨ 

With all the stuff going on around us because of this pandemic, staying at home doesn’t make it any easier, but being able to teach yourself something new, makes the events a little more interesting. This is the perfect time to explore and find things that you never thought you could do or that you would like, with the limited distractions of everyone else, you could find a new passion. 

Another junior ,Meghan Hermes, took this time to teach herself how to sew, and she learned how to build stuff from scratch. ¨ It’s not the most exciting thing i could be doing, but now I know how to help fix things!¨ Meghan explains. 

If you are finding yourself bored and stuck, try finding something new to learn, find something that you can look forward to showing people once this pandemic is done!