Daily Routine Changes For Students


Mario Harkonen, Editor

This school year has been drastically different in comparison to that of last year. Now, students have the choice to go to school with a hybrid schedule or do it completely virtual. 

There are positives in choosing to participate in either. Even when going to school regularly, as you know, students still are not required to physically go to the school building for 5 days a week. Because of this, students have much more flexibility to their schedule, so more time can be spent on working, sports, hobbies, studying, and other activities a student might enjoy, whether hybrid or virtual.

Like an in-person student myself, I do find it much more relaxing and less stressful participating in school in this manner. I receive most of my work much earlier than I would have, and, generally, I have more time to complete it if it is a virtual assignment.

Sunday at 11:59 is becoming the new due date for when assignments are to be turned in. This can allow students to be more proactive in doing work, but it could also allow them to procrastinate more. 

A perspective not everyone may have is of a completely virtual student. Cheyanne, a completely virtual Senior at Lake Shore, says, “Me being at home lets me listen to quiet music and be comfortable at the same time and it just helps me focus better. It has changed me by me actually doing my work on time and not turning in late assignments. Also, I have been sleeping a lot more.” Sleeping more is definitely something we all have enjoyed for the past few months. 

For virtual students, the school routine may seem very good and a viable option for learning, it may not be the same for the teachers who have to teach them. Jessica Chauvin, a math teacher, when asked if it is more difficult to teach virtual students said, “When I have students in the classroom, they can raise their hands to ask a question, but if they are virtual, they can’t ask questions as easily and give as much feedback. Whenever we have Google Meets, I just see a row of black screens.” 

It has proven to be a difficult task for some teachers to teach virtual students. They have had to find ways to make their classes completely online for these students. Over time, teachers will become better and better at making classes more virtual-friendly and a streamlined process for assignments to be completed and submitted.

So, if a student decides they want to be in school hybrid, virtual, and hopefully a regular schedule in the near future, they will have the same quality of learning experience no matter which they choose.