What if Prom is Cancelled?


Natalie May, Copy Editor

This school year has been pretty stressful and aggravating for a lot of students, but especially for the seniors. Seniors at Lake Shore High School have been looking forward to their prom since they entered the building. Prom is the day for everyone to get together and enjoy themselves one last time. 

Prom is a beautiful day for the seniors to get dressed up and spend the night with their closest friends, and even make new friends. If prom is cancelled, the class of 2021 will be furious.

DaMarion Sanderfield, a senior at Lake Shore High School explains, “I was looking forward to seeing everybody come together in a great atmosphere just to have a good time one last time!”

If prom is cancelled, what would the seniors do about it? Throw a party? 

Another senior at Lake Shore, Aaron Lintez, explains, “To replace prom, I’m going to have a concert singing and performing all of my favorite songs in my bathroom. Because what else am I going to do if Covid is still boxing us?”

Angelia Piazza, senior, explains, “If prom is cancelled, I would be open to almost any type of different thing to do, I would even wear a mask if I had too, just make it fashionable or something outside.”

Seniors at Lake Shore would be open to anything just to have some kind of prom. This moment for seniors stays with them for a lifetime.

Prom is not cancelled yet, but if it is, here is what some seniors have to say about it.

Senior, Alexus Bass says, “If it was cancelled, I would be highly upset considering we don’t have anything this year, and I feel like in some way we can do it.”

Piazza states, “I would be furious, prom is the one thing everyone looks forward to all of high school. People have been working and saving for prom expenses or have already purchased stuff for the event.”

Lintez explains, “It would hurt to be honest. I’m a senior and looked forward to that moment for 3 years. Having it taken away would hurt pretty bad.”

Sanderfield says, “I’d be pretty upset that prom would be cancelled because I’ve looked forward to this moment since the 6th grade.”

In conclusion, the seniors at Lake Shore High School would be devastated if they lost their prom. But if prom doesn’t happen, will something else take place to replace it?