Online School Teachers vs. Students


Kailee Switzer, Staff Writer

Since Covid started, Virtual learning has made a jurassic change in schools all around the world. There are many different opinions about this new way of learning from teachers and students everywhere. Doing class over Google Meets and Zoom is something no one ever expected to happen. 

Chris Celli, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School, explains; “it’s harder to do my school work because all I want to do is lay in bed and sleep. I like it because we have the whole week to get all of our assignments in so if we were busy one day we could still do it.”

Melia Paras, another sophomore at Lake Shore High school, explains; “Online school makes it difficult to learn and to maintain good grades.  I do see us using these new ways of learning in the coming future if Covid is still spreading but I really hope school goes back to the way it used to be.”        

At first the thought of getting a break from school and going virtual for a while was a great thing that everyone was excited for. However, as the months started to pass by and the days started to mix together students started to miss school and the social activity of seeing all their classmates and being able to go into your favorite teacher’s classroom to say hello.

Annette Kominarek, A Lake Shore High school teacher, says “ I believe online school works well for some, but it’s not for everyone. I can see it being an option in the coming future due to anxiety of students and the shift in education. As a teacher, I get more grading on the weekends, and I can’t really get to know all my students.”

2020-2021 has definitely seen some of the most interesting times that students have ever  experienced. The Corona Virus has put the world on pause, and we’re still nowhere near being back to normal. Online learning has both positively and negatively affected people all