Media Productions: Lights, Camera, Action


Skylar Merten, Nathan Chenoweth, and Ava Maison

At Lake Shore High School students take Media Productions to embrace expressing themselves through visual arts.

Tamela Blaszkowski, one of the staff members at Lake Shore High School, teaches several classes. Some of these are Intro to media production, media one and two, alongside instead of along with broadcasting; a selective class chosen to display the announcements each day. Media is more than just some random elective, it’s a class for shaping your future and learning many productive skills that will help. 

“It’s important because of teamwork, problem solving, and pulling together to make something good.” Blaszkowski says according to the relevancy of the class. 

She added, “This class helps with soft skills, it helps to become a better worker.” 

Media Production also gives a sanctuary to the students of Lake Shore based on their interests of work. Blaszkowski continues, “People who like to play with cameras, edit… media is an artform, it’s not just painting and drawing, it’s also designing and editing videos.”

 Blaszkowski listed many of the projects for each of the classes. Some of which were the Media 1 project, a public service announcement where students compete in. Other projects include the music video and shot types projects. 

“A lot of us watch YouTube, and now have the experience to learn how to stream and edit as they do on social media is pretty cool,” Nate Dreisbach, a senior who has taken this class since sophomore year, explained. In this class, the students are responsible for the school announcements and many other projects revolving around technology. They also learn how to use many applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Dreisbach also mentioned the tight bond that is formed between the students who take this class. He states, “ …we have a really tightly made class and all get along, we have a really fun time in here.” Many of the students in this class have been taking it for several years because they enjoy it so much. After being with each other for many semesters, students from all grades form relationships. Students describe this class as engaging and very interesting. 

Jamie Owens is another student at Lake Shore High School that has taken Media Productions and has been since middle school. Jamie states, “I want to be a director or a filmmaker when I grow up so I decided to take this class, so I would like to learn the basics of editing, writing and shooting.” Taking this class in high school can help with many aspects you may need in the future. 

Owens also enjoys this class because of the people in it. She states, “…so it will help me also in the social aspect because I know my class really well now, and I’ll be able to make friends and be able to work with them in the field later.” Being with people you are comfortable in a class can make it more enjoyable or even easier. Media is a class where everyone gets comfortable with each other and works together. 

This class is a great experience for creative students who love new challenges and experimenting with different types of technology.