Lake Shore’s Interior Designs Sparks Creativity


Kevin McGhee and Zach Kaminski

Students at Lake Shore High School have the opportunity to take an Interior Design class. In this class students learn about the many different aspects of what goes into designing the interior of homes and businesses.

Interior Design is available to upperclassmen, and it teaches topics such as designing basic floor plans, drawing floor plans, giving presentations, and planning interior design. 

Melissa Todaro, the Interior Design teacher, states, “This class would be good for anyone interested in creativity, hands-on activities, and generally people who like HGTV.”

According to Todaro, “This class teaches creativity, budgeting, teamwork, and time management.”

Senior, Andrew Sweeney, plans on incorporating the skills he learns in this class later in life. He explains, “When I’m older I am going to want my house to look the way I want it to. This class will help that because I will already know a lot of what to do.” 

Senior, Mira Felczak, shares a similar thought, “I want to build and design my home in the future.”

Students love many aspects of this class. Sweeney said, “I love it when we draw things related to interior design, and when we look at layouts and sketches of homes.”

Felczak stated that, “the teacher is very laid back. She explains things clearly and is always there to help.”

One thing students need to be aware of is that a lot of creativity is involved. Todaro states, “People struggle the most with creativity and time management.” 

This is a class that will be important for students’ futures because when they are in the market to buy a house they will know how they would want the interior of their home to look.