Becoming the Life of the Party


Nia Jackson

Kimberly Marks

The creative students at Lake Shore High School have many great ideas for fun outside of school. Whether it’s going out, movie nights, football or basketball games, and more. However, Nia Jackson, a senior at Lake Shore had a similar idea her sophomore year: to throw a party.

Jackson was already known for making events enjoyable. She says, “I was known already as Brett’s niece so everyone was cool with me.” Her uncle was Lake Shore’s star football player, so his name held weight on hers.

Social media is where Jackson is well known. On Instagram, she has 3.6k followers and she gets 1.6k views on Snapchat. Posting the party on her social media is how the party information got out. When Jackson posted about her party then more people from her school started reposting it too.

Jackson’s party turned out to be a major success! More than 100 people showed up at the party. She held the party in the basement of her house. Jackson stated, “We had aux, a speaker, and we also had a DJ who was just one of my stepdad’s friends.” The DJ played music from a playlist that she had created with the help of her Uncle, Brett. Jackson said, “It was really based on what I listened to, what Brett listened to, and what’s good songs everyone knew.” She used the apps Apple Music and Musi to create her playlist.

The following Monday from that weekend, going to school for Jackson was better than it ever was before. Jackson said, “Everybody was always like, Nia when’s the next one? Or they’ll say like how much fun they had, and everything that happened during the party.”

Jackson gained more popularity than she had before. Now that she has her own reputation that she made for herself, instead of being Brett’s niece. She is now “The Life of the Party.”