From Middle School to High School With the Pandemic


Ava Maison

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a large toll on most people’s lives, especially students. From being at home to only going to school a couple of times a week, to going to school full time, students are always getting their schedules changed. The transition from going to middle to high school was especially difficult with the pandemic. 

Students that were at Kennedy Middle School had the choice of being virtual or hybrid for school. Virtual was learning online while hybrid was partially learning in school and partially learning at home. At Lake Shore High School, students now have the choice to be in-person full-time or virtual full-time. 

Emma Stacy, a freshman at Lake Shore High School, stated, “the transition from hybrid to in-person full time was kind of difficult because I had to get used to that schedule again.”

Students also feel that high school is different from middle school in certain aspects. Hannah Houth, another freshman at Lake Shore High School, stated, “I feel like more is expected of me because I have more responsibilities.” Taking this into consideration, it may have been even more difficult to get used to that change with the pandemic.

Comparing the amount of homework in middle school, most students consider it to be the same amount as high school. This is a positive thing about the transition from middle to high school. However, students may have had difficulty during their last year of middle school because of the pandemic. If someone got Covid-19 that had been near them, they were required to be quarantined. This then may have caused them to be behind in some classes.

The transition from middle school to high school was also tough because some students weren’t as social as before the pandemic. Houth states, “I think it made it more difficult because some people were social and didn’t have interactions with people.” When people decided to be either virtual or hybrid, the pandemic forced some people not to see each other to stay safe.

Even though the pandemic has had a heavy toll on most people’s lives, it has created a large impact on students who made the big transition from middle school to high school. The virus still is taking a toll on students today causing them to be quarantined. But, students still continue to push through and try their best.