Broken Bathrooms At Lake Shore


Zach Kaminski

This year at Lake Shore, the bathroom situation has gotten out of control. We are only two months into the school year, and most of the bathrooms are closed down most of the time, causing students to walk around the whole school trying to find an open one. 

It all started thanks to a trend popularized by TikTok, where students would essentially just steal from and destroy the bathrooms. 

This caused all of the bathrooms to be locked from student access. Most of the time leaving only one bathroom open all the way across the school.

Junior, Presley Saleh, stated, “The worst thing about the bathrooms this year is that there is always something limited, whether it be a stall closed, no paper towel, or long wait times.”

Senior, Shawn DiPiazza, stated, “I hate having to walk across the entire school to get to the only open bathroom.”

This also causes every bathroom that is open to be overcrowded most of the time leading to wait times outside of the bathrooms, especially in between classes and lunch. 

The bathrooms also do not give students much privacy at all.

In the boys bathrooms, the urinals are super close together, and do not have dividers in between them, which is a huge problem.

The stalls also offer little to no privacy whatsoever. If you are tall enough, you can easily look over them, and you can easily look under them and see whoever is in there. There are also large gaps in the doors between the hinges which can easily be seen through. 

The bathroom situation this year at Lake Shore is very unorganized and does not cater to what matters most, the students.