Free Lunch For All, Forever?


Skylar Merten

Since the Covid-19 pandemic school has provided free lunches for all students in the district. But, when this pandemic is over, should the schools continue to provide free lunches?

The average pay for a high school lunch is about 3 dollars. This may not seem like a lot but for many families, this can add up and become a problem.  In high school, many students struggle with financial issues but often don’t want their peers to know. Schools should continue to provide free lunches for this reason. Even though families can qualify to get either reduced or free lunches, as said before many high school students may find this embarrassing. This may result in students not being able to eat lunch which is unfair and unhealthy. 

Many families who look financially stable on paper and cant qualify for free or reduced lunches, will find the free lunches very helpful. Even though some are not in poverty, they can have other family situations that cause conflict in getting their children food every day. Many may not have food at home or have enough to cover a lunch bill. Some may even depend on school lunches for their only balanced meal of the day. Offering free lunches helps out all students no matter their home situation. 

Sophomore, Daniel Young states, “My mother would have to put at about 35 dollars on my account just for a week or two of school lunches.” Even for families who don’t have a problem paying this amount each week having free lunches would make it so families have one less thing to worry about. This money that is being saved can be spent on other things such as groceries, bills, or supplies needed for school. 

Izzy Keith, a Lake Shore junior, explained that she believes free lunches aren’t necessary when the pandemic ends but they are very convenient to have. 

Free lunches can also help students have a more balanced and nutritious meal. Every day students are provided with milk, a number of options for the main course, and multiple fruits and vegetables to choose from. Instead of having to pay for junk food, many students will choose the free lunches which is a much healthier option. 

Jacob Trojan, a sophomore at Lake Shore, says, “We shouldn’t have to be forced to go to school for however amount of hour and still have to pay to be fed.”

Considering all students are required to attend school and be there during the hours of lunch, the school itself should provide food. Some students may have just enough food at home but not enough to bring to school so they have to depend on the school for their lunch

Eventually, the pandemic will end but offering children free balanced lunches should not.