Barbera Returns to Lake Shore


Kimberly Marks

There is a new face patrolling the halls of Lake Shore High School. That face belongs to Kyle Barbera who is recognized around the school as Coach Kyle.

Barbera attended Lake Shore back in 2018. He played for four years on varsity football as a linebacker and a running back. He was granted multiple scholarships as a senior. After graduating high school, Barbera accepted his offer to attend Adrian College and played as a linebacker. Barbera said, “Adrian was closer to home and some of the other schools were in Ohio, so I’d rather just stay closer to home.”

Football isn’t the only important thing in Barbera’s life. His family and friends are really valuable to him as well. Barbera said, “My hero is probably my mom. She was a single parent and took care of me and my other two siblings.”

Outside of school is when he can watch basketball and football games with his friends. Barbera said, “We’ll go bowling, play video games together, go to parties, to the movies, and stuff like that.”

After attending Lake Shore, Barbera returned as a coach and a hall monitor. Barbra said, “One of the coaches asked me if I wanted to coach, and that’s what I wanted to do, so I just decided to come back.” He loves to interact with students and to coach.

Barbera is a new football coach here at Lake Shore. His desired career is to become a head coach. He said, “football is just something I always wanted to do.” He is truly passionate about football. Barbera said he wanted to, “continue building a good culture and team bonding.” He plans on ameliorating the team by having them do more hard work activities, taking them to camps, and by arranging more drills.

Monitoring the halls is also a part of his job. He makes sure students aren’t wandering around the halls and that they are where they’re supposed to be. Barbera stated, “I’ll see a kid in the hallway, I’ll ask them if they have a hall pass? If they don’t have a hall pass, I’ll ask them what class are they in? If they don’t have one, I’ll tell them to go back to class and get one. If they do, I’ll let them get a couple of minutes in the hallway, then they should be making their way back to their classrooms.”

The students enjoy having “Coach Kyle” around.

Senior, Kevin McGhee, said, “He’s a good coach, a good hall monitor, and he does his job really well.”

Barbera is a motivational person, who has a lot of pride in his job. Having a hall monitor who truly cares about the students, is what makes the school a more comfortable place.