Girls Basketball Begins


After rounds of tryouts, this year’s Lake Shore girls basketball season is expected to be a tough one but the team plans on pushing through. 

Sophomore, Grace Hanke, explains, “I think we will be pretty good this season, we have a good size team and a good amount of each positions.”

Just like every team they have their strengths and weaknesses. Senior, Sydney VanDerHaegen, says, “Our strength is definitely defense, we have always been good at it.”

Teammate, Samaia Cotton, who is a junior, adds, “We work good together and we know how each other play.”

Elaborating on the team’s weaknesses, Cotton believes that the biggest weakness is all in the team’s head. She states, “We get tired and in our heads.”

Other players think the team needs to work on things such as scoring and getting rebounds. 

Playing sports, such as basketball, brings students from different grades closer together. Many players are most excited to simply be around their teammates and have fun this season. 

Hanke states, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my teammates.”

 Agreeing with this statement, VanDerHaegen says, ¨I am looking forward to playing my last season of basketball with my friends.¨

Come out to support your fellow Shorians! They dominated their first game versus Warren Woods Tower and are facing off with Sterling Heights at home on December 3rd at 7:30.