Shorian Seniors Applying to Colleges


Christa Shakori

The beginning of senior year is an important time in every student’s academic career. Lake Shore High School Seniors have been keeping themselves busy by submitting college applications.  

Senior, Rachel Stepankano is planning on continuing her academic and athletic career at a university.

There are many different colleges the students are applying to. Stepanenko applied to Eastern Michigan, Rochester, Oakland, Aquinas, Albion, and Roosevelt. 

She plans to continue her volleyball career into college. She is hoping to get an offer from Roosevelt University. When it comes to playing sports in college Stepananko states, “Picking and choosing which colleges I should apply to is the most difficult part. I don’t have offers being thrown at me and I’m worried about the recruiting process.”

Senior, Morgan Vanderdockt, also applied to numerous colleges. She submitted applications to Western, Saginaw, Ferris, Oakland, Eastern, and Wayne State. 

Vanderdockt states, “The most stressful part is waiting for an acceptance letter.”

Both ladies agreed that the application process was not hard but rather time consuming. 

Stepananko and Vanderdockt were both awarded scholarships. Stepanenko was awarded the Marrie Clifford scholarship for her academic success. Vanderdockt was awarded the Sam Bernstein 50th anniversary scholarship. 

Applying to colleges may be overwhelming but if you start the process in advance you have time to improve your application.

As the Lake Shore seniors finish up their high school career, many plan on attending a university. We are excited to hear where the students get accepted and hope they thrive academically.