Students Finding The Gym As A Safe Place


Ava Maison

A great number of students at Lake Shore High School have been attending the gym more recently and have realized that it boosts their mood and they feel much better about themselves after a good workout.

Going to the gym has been a trend on all social media platforms recently. On these platforms, people have been showing their routines, tips, or even results. These posts help viewers get more motivated and determined to do it themselves. But some posts recently have included how “safe” they feel at the gym. There can be many reasons behind this statement.

Once people start going to the gym on a regular basis, they start to look forward to this part of their day. Knowing that you will see results from working out every day is a good motivation. Once at the gym, it may be easier to get your mind off a lot of things and focus on something else. This can help a lot of people who are dealing with stressors in their life because it boosts their endorphins.

The people that attend the gym are all in different places with different goals. You are simply working on yourself. Michael Bentley, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School, stated, “The gym makes me feel so safe because no matter how you start or where you are, I’m always supported by others or always able to support others.” Knowing this can help a lot of people feel unjudged and calmer about how they feel about themselves.

If you go to the same gym regularly, you may see the same people almost every time. This can result in many new friendships and connections. Michael Livi, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School, stated, “My favorite part of going to the gym is meeting new people every time and learning every day.” Knowing that the people around you know you and aren’t strangers can help many people who take part in going to the gym. Seeing your friends also puts a lot of people in a better mood.

Seeing results in your body after a workout or over time gives people more determination to go to the gym more. Seeing their bodies change for the better will most likely give people a lot more self-confidence as well.

Michael Bentley, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School, stated, “Seeing results gives me more motivation because there is always something to work on while also being satisfied with the work I’ve put in.” Results can also give you more ideas on what to work on.

Overall, the gym is a very good place for teens to spend outside of school. It is good for both their mental and physical health. Instead of spending their free time making bad decisions, they could better themselves by attending the gym.