Lake Shore Public Schools Bond Proposal


Rebekah Reed

On January 24th, 2022, the Lake Shore Public School Board of Education approved a 66 million dollar bond proposal to be put on the May, 3rd 2022 ballot. 

Superintendent of Lake Shore Public Schools, Dr. Joe Diponio stated in an informational  video of the LS bond proposal, “There are several reasons I am excited for this proposal. First, if voters approve the bond proposal, the current tax rate will not increase. We can complete all the needed work without raising the current tax rate.” 

Diponio wants to make it clear that voting in favor of this, will not have any negative impact on the community.

This bond included the renovations of all the Lake Shore Schools in the districts. It involves new construction, exterior and interior work, new lighting, instructional technology, and the improvements on the furniture used throughout the district. 

If this proposal is passed, it said that over the upcoming years, there will be “$17.4 million in proposed projects” just in Lake Shore High School alone. 

The help of getting this proposal approved, the students in the Lake Shore district can have a safer and better environment. 

Instilling new hope in bettering the community, Diponio said, “working with architectural and construction management firms, we developed and prioritized both short and long-term facility needs.”