Xzorion Simmons: Memories And Legacies


Rebekah Reed

Xzorion Simmons, a senior at Lake Shore High School, is very well known and loved by many students and teachers throughout the school. Simmons is known for being the star of the athletic department, his high grades, and just being a great person all around. 

Simmons found his love for football starting at a young age. He stated, “I found my passion for football at 8 years old and it’s continued to grow more ever since.” 

Simmons has shown his progress in a multitude of ways. However, he says that his most memorable moment was “my proudest moment was scoring 4 touchdowns my senior night.” 

Yet, he stated that his biggest disappointment of his high school career was losing to L’anse Cruse, stating, “because we had the game in the bag.” 

With the great success of the progression he’s made, he said that his biggest inspiration is his dad and that’s what keeps him going. He explains, “The bond we have and I always just wanted to be like him when I got older is what kept me wanting to play.”  

Simmons, having so much love for the sport, plans on going to play college football and continuing his career. He states that he is happy that he’s leaving and is “ready to get out of here,” but he’ll miss the memories and the people here. 

With his high school career coming to an end in a few months, he says that he wants to be remembered for leaving a football legacy, his strength, and most importantly for the type of person he is. He described himself as “chill and laid back” and hoped that many view him as that too.