JV Softball Team: Face-To-Face With Obstacles


Ruby Fetko and Julia Pearl

Lake Shore softball tryouts started March 14th. The tryouts consisted of no cuts, however, still ran short on players. Lake Shores varsity softball team consists of 17 girls.

Unfortunately, there are not enough players for an actual junior varsity team. The girls on the team who are not on varsity do not get to play in games currently.

Katie Ratledge, Junior Varsity Coach at Lake Shore High School mentioned, “ Chemistry, you need chemistry to work well with each other.”

Ratledge mentions that chemistry is one of the most valuable traits you need to work well on a team. The small team uses chemistry to make the most out of what they have. It is difficult practicing with a group of girls no more than nine people, especially when perfect attendance is not always possible. The Junior Varsity team’s practice hosted on April 13, 2022, only consisted of four players.

Ava Kozak, a catcher on Lake Shore high schools Junior Varsity team, says, “I hope we get to either have a practice in which everybody shows up, or get to scrimmage.” Kozak understands that the number of players impacts the team’s capabilities, however, she keeps a positive mindset and sets goals for the future of the team.

James Taylor, a freshman at Lake Shore adds, “I think that if the softball team advertised more, they would have been able to get more girls on the team.” From an outside perspective, it is easy to assume that if the softball team was advertised more, people would be more likely to join.

Hopefully, the JV team works well under the circumstances.