Senior Girls Soccer


Preston Peiffer and Rebekah Reed

The girls soccer team is excited to start their season this year. But the graduating seniors on the team are looking at this season a little differently than the rest of the team. 

This year is the first year since the pandemic that the season is back to normal without the lockdowns, quarantine, tests, and masks. The girls are excited to get on the field. 

When talking with the seniors on the team the seniors discussed what are they hoping to accomplish and what are they going to miss. 

Senior Mira Felzak explains, “I have hope for us, we have a lot of girls with a lot of promise and we all work well together. We have already won our first two games.”

Senior Faith Beisiegel says, “I hope we have more wins than losses this year. We have a lot of girls who work really hard and it would be a great pay off this year.”

Senior Maddie Connor tells, “I want to win districts for the second year in a row. We have a younger team this year so as long as we stick together and we learn we might be able to have a stronger season.” 

As the girls talk about what they are excited for this season they talk about how they are feeling about this being their last high school season. 

Connor says, “I’m going to miss all of my youngins and I will just miss playing in general”

Felzak explains, “It’s heartbreaking, I am so sad, I am not ready to quit playing.” 

Beisiegel says, “It is sad in general, knowing that high school is coming to an end and knowing that the season will end is sad too.”

The girls are ready for this season and can’t wait to play as a team but they aren’t ready for all of this to come to an end.