How Should Schools Help Students Learn?


Ruby Fetko, Staff Writer

Learning is something everybody does, whether it be subconscious or after hours of hard work. Each persons brain is wired differently, this suggests that each person has different needs that should be met so they can learn. 

Some people work better in a quiet environment, while others find it easy to focus when sound is blaring in the background. At Lake Shore High School, students attend school to learn, however, some students may gather more knowledge than others due to their needs not being met. Lake Shore offers many opportunities to help students learn and gather the most out of school. Some examples include; quiet testing rooms, help desks, classroom rules, and even the help of counselors. 

Haley Perez, a ninth grade student at Lake Shore, says, “I think that if the teachers had more class discussions, then it could possibly benefit everyone’s ability to learn since everyone can participate.” Perez suggests that participating in classroom discussions could help students learn. Many students besides Perez agree that classroom participation is a key to learning. 

A separate handful of students believe that technology would play a helpful role in the way students better their learning experience. 

“Most useful change for me would be Windows Laptops, as they offer more amenities than the Chromebooks such as a notepad and drawing program,” says Stewart Gibson, a ninth grader at Lake Shore. Gibsons suggestion does not stand alone.

 “Better Technology and more legit attention to mental health,” Natalie Leydet, a tenth grader at Lake Shore adds. Many changes could be made to better the learning quality of students, everybody learns differently and that is something schools need to better adjust to. 

Each student deserves a learning environment where they feel comfortable and capable of learning.