Ramey Cuts His Way To The Classroom


Amora Johnson, Staff Writer

Avery Ramey, Sophomore at Lake Shore, cuts hair in and out of school in order  to set off his barber career. 

Most people have seen the viral video of Ramey cutting science teacher Christopher Gwozdz’s hair in his classroom. Ramey states that he has “cut at least 10 peoples hair” at Lake Shore. 

Some of the people Ramey has cut at school are James Roehm, gym teacher, and Steven Lalo, Freshmen, in the boys locker room; Demetrice Hamblin, freshman, Joseph Quinn, Sophomore, and Dariaun Wray, Sophomore, in the boys bathroom; as well as Carter Koebke, Sophomore, and Nathaniel Decoopman, Sophomore, in history teacher Christopher Hubbard’s classroom.

He exclaims that his favorite moment at Lake Shore would be “Cutting Gwozdz’s hair because everybody got to watch.” It was his spotlight moment.

It was the day before Spring break. Gwozdz explains that Ramey kept insisting on cutting Gwozdz, but Gwozdz kept brushing it off as if it were a joke. Gwozdz realized Ramey was serious once Ramey showed pictures of his work. 

While in the process of a haircut, Gwozdz exclaims, “My face turned as red as a tomato, I was very nervous, I’ve gotten the same haircut for 15 years straight.” 

Afterward, he states students were saying “Gwozdz, it doesn’t look bad.” When he got the mirror his nerves were relieved. 

When he cuts hair in the bathroom he emphasizes “everybody would be in the bathroom and be recording.” When in the locker room “people would walk in, record, and walk out.” When in a teacher’s class they usually record, laugh and have a good time. Clearly, Ramey is bringing joy to a sometimes monotonous day. 

Ramey explains that his future goal is to “own a barber shop and work by himself.” 

He explains he is “usually booked on Fridays and Saturdays.” 

He cuts his own hair and is self-taught. He emphasizes that he watched videos, but they didn’t help much because cutting hair is something you have to do in order to master.

For kids, Ramey charges $20, and for adults, he charges $25. 

You can reach him by texting his number or Snapchat or by instagram @Kb_can_cut.