Hungry? What about EOS?


Janni Rumsfeld, Staff Writer

The EOS Coffeehouse, located on Jefferson Avenue, is a common place to go after school for Lake Shore students. The menu is a variety of sandwiches, panini, wraps, smoothies and coffee or espresso. With their reasonable prices and good location, it is a nice late lunch place. 

“I like that EOS is so close to school and has such a laid back environment,” Ayden Heuer, a sophomore at LSHS says. Heuer goes to EOS every other week with his friends to hang out. 

When asked about the atmosphere, Heuer answers, “The atmosphere is really chill and carefree.”

The cafe is also a good opportunity for Lake Shore students to get a job close to the school. “The staff is super nice and caring and they love seeing students come in. The owner is a great guy with an awesome personality, too,” Heuer says. 

Over the last four years, the EOS coffeehouse has won the Shorian award every year. With this award, the staff gets appreciation. “All the people who work there are really nice. It’s just cute, because they have plants there and it’s really clean,” Isobel Wharff, a Lake Shore student says in her interview.

Wharff goes to EOS with her friends to hang out and do her homework. “We had to do a lot of homework for the next day, so we went to EOS, got a drink and worked on our homework together.”

If you have a student ID from Lake Shore High School, you get a discount on any of your orders which is a nice plus for students. 

If you are hungry and you have a gap in the plans of your day, or you just want to relax, EOS is a nice place to go. It is a nice opportunity to get some rest with good food at a reasonable price.