Shorian Fishing


Ayden Heuer, Staff Writer

At Lake Shore, fishing is big thing. With the lake being so close to us, it is a hobby of many people and a part of many of our childhoods. Summer is right around the corner and fishing is a great thing for anyone to do to get outside, have something to do with friends, or to just learn something new.

Fishing is an easy thing to pick up. Sophomore Dante Messina described fishing as, “being able to bring peace to some people.” It can be a nice thing to do on a calm day where you can stay relaxed. Sam Maniaci, another sophomore who fishes frequently in the summer also had positive things to say about fishing. Maniaci said, “One reason I recommend fishing to other people because it is a good way to bond with friends and family.” Fishing is clearly a great way to build new bridges and grow with other people and as a person. 

With the already large amount of people that fish in the summer you have a lot of great resources and people to talk to. Manaci also expressed his desire for the Lake Shore fishing community to grow. The best place to start fishing if interested is Veterans Memorial park. Maniaci also said he and other Lake Shore students often fish together and are always open to helping new people since they just want to see people have more fun. 

Messina looks at it like this, “We live by a lake so why not take advantage of it?” 

Also, Messina gave some tips. He says, “Bass and sunfish do not have teeth, so do not be scared of them.” 

This summer is a great time to get out since this is truly the first summer that will be fully normal; and fishing, a summer hobby, would be a great thing to do to enjoy the nice weather. With our short summers in Michigan, we don’t always have the opportunity to go out and enjoy the great summer weather, and also meet new people and be a part of our community.