New Chromebooks Coming!


Ella Mainhardt, Staff Writer

Lake Shore High School does a lot of teaching through Dell Chromebooks. They are heavily used in the classrooms for Schoology, Google Docs, Slides, etc. 

Our current Chromebooks have not been updated since they were first given to us about five years ago. This has led to many technology issues, broken screens, broken keyboards, and even slow wifi connections.

It is well known that our students here are looking forward to new Chromebooks. They will be coming this fall; when we turn back in our old ones, we will receive the new ones.

Zachary Cardenas, sophomore, let us know his Chromebook “still works but is very slow. It’s hard to do class work when the Chromebooks won’t even load.”

This is clearly affecting students’ work efficiency, as Lily Cabler, sophomore, also states, “My Chromebook is very slow, and it takes half the class just to open my google docs for the assignment.”

These technical issues are causing kids to also lose the time and ability to do their work online. 

Cardenas and Cabler both agreed they “strongly agree” it is time for new Chromebooks.

Cardenas states he is excited “for them to actually work.”

Cabler also states, “It’s like a fresh start, and I’m excited for them to work like new.”

Hopefully these new Chromebooks will be what everyone hopes they are. They are a part of Lake Shore students’ everyday life, as we do almost everything through them.