The Silent Sting

The Silent Sting

Julia Pearl, Staff Writer

The impact of silence has finally arrived. It has been over a week since the seniors left the hallways with a sense of a new ghost town. The energy that once saturated the hallways has dissipated.

The once-filled hallways told a story for the Class of 2022. The freshmen class did not know what to expect upon arrival. The seniors that celebrated each event did it in a way that allowed the underclassmen to prepare them for the next level.

Natalie Kelly said, “It is boring without the seniors because they allowed us to have a glimpse of how it would be as a senior. One day I will be able to say I am a senior and bring fun and laughter to the hallways.”

As the year comes to a close, each person, each group, and most importantly, each class has learned to come together to find their noise.

Our juniors will take the baton and become seniors creating a new sound that will rumble through the hallways once again. It is a vicious cycle to be left behind in the silence.

As each class moves up we are one step closer to making that noise of the Shorian nation. As graduation approaches, we want to honor and remember those who walked the halls as the Class of 2022.