Are Students Overworked?


Sarah Poma

There has been some discussion about students being overworked with schoolwork, homework, and projects. 

Christina Johnson, junior, thinks that students can be overworked. “I think it depends on the teacher, but most teachers do tend to overwork their students,” Johnson follows with, “Some teachers assign multiple assignments per class period and expect them to be done the next day while students have five other classes to complete work in as well.” 

Johnson thinks that it is a good idea for teachers to not have deadlines and to check up on students about how they’re doing on their assignments and if they actually have them completed. This will keep the stress of being overworked to a minimum. 

Johnson makes a good point by saying, “Students are turning in work incompleted or having all of the answers wrong, because they feel rushed with due dates, it’s pointless because teachers are assigning a ton of assignments and little time to do them that it can’t even be done correctly.” 

Caylem Mitrowski, senior, also thinks that students can be overworked. Mitrowski says, “Yes and no, it depends on the teacher and the student, sometimes the teacher assigns a lot of assignments, but some don’t and sometimes students just get overwhelmed from all of their classes and don’t know how to handle it.” 

Mitrowski thinks that teachers should move from unit or topic slower and that teachers are “teaching” too fast and it’s hard for students to comprehend everything. 

M Meade, senior, is a former Lake Shore High School student and is now homeschool. Meade thinks that, while they were a student at Lake Shore, the students were overworked. Meade says, “Teachers would assign many assignments that had no need for my future. Most of the assignments I could never get done or completed correctly because I had six classes, a job, and a life out of school that made it very difficult to finish loads of homework that was due the next day.” 

Meade reveals, “Since being homeschooled, I still do the same requirements, but I also get assignments to do that will actually help me in my future so I am doing more work than what Lake Shore requirements are, and I don’t feel overworked. I definitely think that it’s the teachers that overwork the students.” 

Matthew Coffey, math teacher, believes that students are not overworked. He said, “Part of our job, as teachers, is to help students have a strong work ethic and you’re not aloud to complain about your job, when you get a full time job later in life, on how much work you have to do.”

Coffey believes that teachers plan accordingly and gives a reasonable amount of workload for students. 

“We don’t forget that students have a life outside of school, but students need to make better use of class time and manage their time better. School is their job right now, school needs to be a higher priority for students,” he said.

There has been a lot of discussion about the topic and the mass majority says that students are overworked. Now, the real question is, is it the teacher’s fault for making the students overworked, or is it students lacking a decent work ethic?