Mid-Term Stress Mounts


Michael Roda

According to whattobecome.com, “31% of students say that exams and midterms are the most significant sources of stress.” After realizing that this logic could apply to Lake Shore Public Schools, three students were asked, and they all responded in different ways.

Beau DeTar, junior, said, “I feel that while mid-term testing can be beneficial to students who are either struggling or need a recap of the information they have learned, it shouldn’t be required for everyone to take them. Some students have beyond sufficient understanding of materials, with the grades to prove it. If more teachers offered exemption from testing for the students, the experience would overall be better.”

Cameron Salk, senior, said, “Personally, I think this semester went by pretty fast and it’s hard to think finals are right there. There are some finals that I’m already preparing for, and have been for some time due to the extent of them like AP Calc, but I’m excited to power through and enjoy the rest of the year.”

Reece Dryval, sophomore, said, “I see midterms as a halfway point of the year, it tells me that I made it this far and might as well keep going.”

All three of these responses above prove that when it comes to high school finals, all students respond to them in different ways.

In conclusion, stress about midterms and finals can be very mentally detrimental to students, especially if it’s required to pass the class.