What Students Want At New Spring Fling Dance


Brendan Manor, Staff

At Lake Shore, there are many different dances including Homecoming and Glow-Co. Now, this year we have the “Spring Fling”. 

Students always have complaints about the dance and what the student council could’ve done better. To have a good dance that students enjoy student council needs to listen to what the students want.

“Better music. Let students request more songs they want to hear,” said Drew Maison, a junior at Lake Shore. Having Better songs and a better DJ is always a complaint students have about the dances.

“More people having fun and actually being involved,” said Hannah Houth, a sophomore at Lake Shore. Participating in the dance and activities could really boost the dance’s popularity.

“I liked the glow-in-the-dark theme because I think it gave people a chance to express themselves and let loose. I think we should save fancier themes for prom and homecoming,” said Isabella Figurski, a junior at Lake Shore. A more casual dance experience might be more fun for the students because they can make the dance what they want.

This is one of the senior’s last dances and they want it to be a good one. Anna Whittle said, “People don’t participate so then it looks dumb and lame.” Participating and having fun will make it more fun for everyone and especially the seniors.

People don’t know a lot about the dance yet, but Robert Couck, teacher and student council chairman, said, “This Dance will have the Commons Decorated with a Picture Area with a backdrop. Depending on the weather, the outside portion of the gym may be open with some games like we had for the outdoor Homecoming and the theme is Masquerade, where all attendants will be required to have a mask, Student Congress will have some on sale during Spirit Week and at the dance for $1. The Concession stand will also be open and there will be tables to sit at in the gym.” 

This dance has some of the same aspects as others but has new and creative options and themes. 

Hopefully, this dance will surpass the others we have had at Lake Shore and be one to remember.