The Best And Worst Of Lake Shore


Ruby Fetko, Staff Writer

Whether or not school is enjoyable, is heavily debated among students worldwide. Some students wake up excited to attend their first-hour class, while others come in late and dread beginning the school day. Each student likes and dislikes certain aspects of their high school experience.

The key to enjoying school is to appreciate the positive elements that appear throughout the school day. Every individual at Lake Shore views school differently. When students are able to find likable components within the school day, it influences them to have a more positive outlook on school.

“I don’t like some of my classes where I can’t choose where I sit. However, I do like coming to school because it’s a place where I can talk to my friends,” said Addyson Jackman, a sophomore at Lake Shore High School.

Jackman acknowledges that despite having arranged seating in some of her classes, she still looks forward to attending school because she can hang out with some of her friends. 

School can be overwhelming at times for most students, however, with a positive outlook, school can be something to look forward to each morning.

“It gets really annoying when teachers waste the whole hour talking, but I do like it when the school gives us mental health days. We should really have more mental health days,” said Braysian Alley, a junior at Lake Shore High School. 

Alley likes when mental health days are offered to Lake Shore high school students.  Although he does not enjoy certain aspects of school, he looks forward to the mental health days that are scattered throughout the school year. 

“Mental health days give students time to recover from stress,” said Alley.

It isn’t uncommon for students to get overwhelmed by heavy workloads and long school days. Alley, as well as many other students, appreciate the mental health days because it gives them a much-needed break.

“I usually like coming to school to see my friends, but I don’t like all of the teachers,” said Jacob Barker, a freshman at Lake Shore High School.

Barker has friends at school that he likes seeing each day at school. However, sometimes going to school isn’t as exciting due to the teachers. Barker keeps a positive outlook despite the displeasure with some of the school’s staff.

“I don’t really like it when teachers don’t stay on task and disclude their students,” said Barker.

Teachers make a big difference in the way their students learn. If a teacher is able to work well with their students, the students are more likely to look forward to attending their class every day.

Many high schools offer lots of opportunities that guarantee students a school day to look forward to. At Lake Shore High School, there is an excellent balance between education and socialization that students value throughout their high school experience.