From Albania to Lake Shore


Lillian McParland, Staff

Shorians may know Mame Diöuf as an outgoing, funny student, but some people may not know about the 14 years Diöuf lived in Albania. 

Diöuf grew up in Albania and says it was a hard switch over to the US. She says she had to learn English before coming over here, so she has been learning English since she was about 13. Diöuf still has a tutor and is learning it here at Lake Shore. 

She said, “I like schools here, have better students here and are more respectful, not loud and are really smart, but sometimes I miss Albania because being around your own people is more comfortable because we act the same and get each other’s humor.” 

She also said the schools are more clean here. The tables are more stable in the US and the desks have chairs connected to the desk so you don’t have to find a chair. In Albania, they use chalk boards. She says the white boards and projectors are nicer.  

Diöuf visits Albania as much as possible, when there are any long breaks or holidays, she says. 

When she goes back to Albania, it’s pretty much the same but she said, “that it’s a good or bad thing.” Diöuf says there is a lot of racism but it is not direct, they don’t realize what they are saying.

Diöuf speaks English here at school but only sometimes at home. Her mom speaks mostly Albanian, while her dad speaks both English and Albanian. 

Diöuf says, “Being bilingual is hard in school, having to speak English here and then go back home and speak a different language, then coming back to school forgetting some words.” 

“Përshëndetje, emri im eshte mame, jam nga durres dhe jam 16 vjec.” Hi, I’m Mame. I’m from Durres, and I’m 16.