Scream VI: Silent Box Office Killer


Jordan Clemons

Following the fifth installment of the franchise, many fans thought that Scream had no more content left to make. Although this was a reasonable worry, the directors assured that the newest addition would be the same satire-horror movie the fans know and love.

Picking up after the events of Scream (2022), Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera reprise their leading roles as the Carpenter sisters. Like most before it, Scream VI begins with another ominous caller stalking their next victim. This time around it occurs twice before the title card appears. 

Scream VI follows a similar plot to its predecessors, but for the first time in the franchise’s history, the movie will not feature Neva Campbell as Sidney Prescott. This provided a much needed breath of fresh air as the franchise has finally moved on from the scream queen.

The movie stays true to the wacky, fourth-wall breaking, box office giant we all know. The meta approach could potentially come off as too much for newer viewers who do not know what they are walking into. But for the fans of previous films, Scream VI jumps right out of the gate with a self-aware wisecrack and does not skip a beat throughout its entirety. 

The well-received requel takes a huge step forward when it comes to gore. This gore can sometimes seem meaningless at times however, as the injuries can be incredibly unrealistic. The film also notes that anyone can die, regardless of their importance and legacy numerous times. And while this movie constantly reminds you to heed these warnings, nothing ever comes out of it. 

Another aspect, Scream VI excels at is their approach towards these legacy characters. The movie has a few recurring roles that never seem to overstay their welcome. Instead, the plot is centered around the “core four” of the previous Scream as well as other students from their college. These characters have distinct personalities, all having their own pros and cons. This diversity in dispositions is one of the most appealing parts of the metahorror. 

A Scream movie is not complete without the plot twist and Scream VI’s plot twist is among one of the series’ best. The incorporation of key elements from past movies are sure to bring a wave of nostalgia to those who are not new to the franchise, yet still comes off as original and can appeal to the newer audience.

With the ending leaving room for another sequel, the Scream crew knows how to keep viewers engaged and wanting more. The Carpenter siblings will likely be in the forefront once again, facing a familiar foe.