Baseball Controversy


Sarah Poma, Copy Editor

After a contentious start to the season, Lake Shore High School’s baseball coach, Pete Krohta, resigned. JV-level coach Brendan Osantowski took over coaching the varsity team.

Prior to the coach resigning, the players gave their input on what they think Krohta could’ve done better and what they want from a coach. 

Zak Kornetti, senior, has been on the Lake Shore Varsity Team for three seasons. Kornetti said, “I had Ketlhut as a coach and I’d definitely say he ran practices better. I wish Krohta would take our advice a little more.”

Mason Darling, senior, has been on the team for four seasons. Darling said, “I wish he would change up practice and actually make us practice instead of just taking batting and pitching practice.”

Practices are a huge part of growing together and being able to be prepared for an upcoming game, without that, the team won’t be as successful. 

Dante Messina, junior, has been on the team for three seasons. Messina wishes that Krohta would care more about the team instead of himself.

Tyler Giacona, senior, has been a part of the team for three seasons. Giacona said, “I wish there were more diverse practices because it feels like we have a lot of potential that is waiting to be uncapped.” 

More than half of the varsity team has said how they think some of the JV-level coaches have enough potential to coach the varsity team. 

Messina said, “Coach Bo would be a better coach because he knows what he’s talking about, he implements plays, he cares about his players and I learned more from him than Krohta.”

Giacona follows up with, “Coach Brendan, the JV A head coach, has been coaching the JV level for a few years now and has tremendously improved players in a short amount of time being with them. I truly believe that he has what it takes to take a team to a state title.”

Kornetti said, “Without a doubt, Coach Bo, he has a great sharp mind and all the guys love him and would love to play for him.”

After Coach Krohta resigned, Coach Brendan Osantowski started coaching the varsity team. 

Joshua Wandzel, senior, has been on the team for three seasons. Wandzel said, “Our first practice with Coach Bo was so much better. We did a whole practice of fielding rather than always doing pitching and batting practice.” 

Majority of the team believes that Osantowski will help everyone show their true potential and hopefully have a better season. Go catch Lake Shore’s Varsity Baseball Team at Kyte Monroe vs. Summit on Thursday, April 27 at 4:00 pm.