Art Club: Under New Management


Jordan Clemons, Staff

Following the resignation of former art teacher Holly Bolen, the future of the art club seemed to be in jeopardy with no teacher to lead it. This issue was eventually alleviated by Colleen Tharme, literature teacher.

Tharme said, “I felt it was an important space for kids to go after school.”

Seeing the value of the club for students that want to express themselves, Tharme knew that she couldn’t let the art club become obsolete, as it is an outlet for students to display their talent with like-minded people.

Although on the surface it may seem Tharme would not have much interest in an art-oriented role like this, Tharme said, “I’m pretty artistic.”

This interest in the club has led to more involvement from Tharme which in turn makes the students have a better time during the club’s meetings, which is every other Tuesday.

Members of the club have accepted the change in leadership as every response to if they were enjoying this year’s meetings was answered with a resounding “yes”.

Eva Wilks, sophomore, elaborated on her favorite parts of the club. Wilks said, “It’s very loose, that is why I like it. You’re free to do whatever.” 

The ability to have freedom and express yourself in different ways is the principle of art for many people, and this club seems to abide by that ideology too.

And, as for who would be a great fit for the art club, Marina Crippen, junior, said, “People who have a lot of creativity. People that have a lot of stuff going on in their mind. Or, maybe even people who are stressed out, because art can relieve that stress.”

Similar to Crippen’s remarks, Dylan Boles, senior, said, “People that want or need to express themselves should join our club.”

With a new art teacher on the horizon for next year, the future of the art club is undecided as to if they will be the club leader or not. 

Wilks said, “I look forward to doing art shows and other events, as people could buy my art. I’m not sure if we could do that this year though.” 

These potential events would be good exposure for the club to show their talents, but with a change of teachers, this might not come to fruition.

With a possible change of roles in next year’s club, Tharme is fine with the new teacher taking her place. Tharme said, “Maybe next year’s new art teacher will take it over but if they didn’t, I’d be happy to do it again.”