Prepared For Prom


Nyla Mcdowell and Louis Wilke

The class of 2023 has about a month before celebrating one of the most memorable nights of their lives.

Lake Shore High School’s 2023 Enchanted Forest prom event will be hosted from 6-10 P.M., on the 25th of May, at Blossom Heath Inn.

Tickets this year will be priced at $75 each, provided by Mr. Couck, in room 121. The last day to purchase is May 10th, by three pm. Prom guest forms have to be approved before purchase. 

Some seniors have been preparing since December, while others started just yesterday. Throughout the halls of Lake Shore, the pre-agenda for the event have spread fast. Some seniors disapprove, some adore the idea, and some simply don’t care. Emotions are all over the place, as our eldest Shorians prepare for their big day.

Noah Senter, senior, describes prom in three words ¨excited, happy, and nervous.¨ 

Senter describes the location for this year’s prom,¨ It’s kind of a loss in my opinion, but it’s okay.”

Senter stated that his plan later on this month is to do a promposal. He said, “ I’m definitely doing a prom-proposal. I just haven’t done it yet, it’s just too many ladies to choose from.”

Senter also adds, ¨I won’t be participating in the theme, probably just wear my own colors.”

Senter follows up with his after plans, “Probably party.” 

This, of course, is on a lot of seniors’ bucket lists, as the house party invites have already started to spiral. 

Destiny Herod, senior, described the upcoming event as exciting and nerve-racking.

Herod states,  “The venue is kind of small, but it’ll still be fun.”

Herod continues, “this year, I’ll be going with my friends, and in my opinion, an enchanted forest is a good theme.”

Herod ended with, “we’ll take pics beforehand, near Blossom heath, and right now after plans are unknown.”

The countdown starts now, as the seniors’ bigtime celebration approaches.