Lake Shore Create Line


Lake Shore High School has offered the same food choices since Covid. In recent weeks, the lunch staff has started to bring more options into everyday lunches.

Lunch Lady, Temeaka Mcintyre, said, “We just recently reopened The Create Line where we have different options daily.”

Students are excited about the new options they have at lunch, but it leaves many people asking the question, “What will they have?”

Mcintyre said, “Every day, we have a different entree. Mondays we have the paninis, Tuesday we have pasta, Wednesday we have the chicken caesar salad, Thursday we have the hanis, and Friday we have the Lake Shore Chicken Boat.”

Starting with Monday’s paninis, senior Madison Swoveland said, “I was hesitant to try them at first, but they were a lot better than I expected them to be.”

For Tuesday’s pasta, junior Abby Sample tried the alfredo. She said, “I could eat the alfredo every day. Miss Tameaka did a good job.”

Wednesday’s chicken caesar was tried by junior Haylee Ramirez. She said, “The salads are amazing.”

Thursday’s hani was tried by junior Eric Dubiel. He said, “I liked them a lot. I will definitely get them again.”

Lastly, Friday’s Lake Shore Chicken Boat. Junior, Michael Dillion said, “It was pretty good, I didn’t expect it to be that good for a school lunch.”

On the other hand, not everyone is a fan of the new lunches.

Charles Roberts, junior, tried the chicken boat. He said, “The biscuit tasted like drywall.”

Junior, Mame Diouf said, “The salad wasn’t good to me. It was dry. The breadstick just crumbled into pieces.”

Lola Moody agreed with her saying, “The salad tasted like soap.”

Although the lunches are getting mixed reviews, sophomore Treasure Johnson-Smith said, “It’s a good addition to the school.”

Senior, David Gore agrees. He said, “Overall, it is pretty good. I think It’s good that there is new stuff there and the stuff they do have there is actually pretty good. It’s better than the defaults that they have.”

With all the physical changes in the building, the new lunches have been an additional change that students have been getting used to.

Even though the new lunch line is controversial, many students are excited about the new lunch opportunity and can’t wait to see what comes next.