Beauty And The Beast: A Lake Shore High School Production


The long-awaited Beauty and the Beast musical has come and gone. The musical was a perfect opportunity for students to express themselves through acting and music while also making amazing friends along the way. 

Raymond Filipek, the director of the musical, worked his hardest to make this production perfect. The casting of the musical couldn’t have been better, everyone’s character fit them perfectly while also displaying their amazing voices.

Danielle Pryor plays the main character, Belle. She has an angelic voice that could give anyone goosebumps. 

Cameron Salk held the role of the Beast. He did an outstanding job portraying the development that his character goes through in the production, along with his impressive vocal skills. 

Concerning the other major roles, like Lumiere (Eric Dubiel), Cogsworth (Jimmy Sheen), Mrs. Potts (Lauren Maciejewski), Chip (Presley Saleh), Gaston (Charlie Roberts), LeFou (Brielle Starks), Mary aka Maurice (Meghan Creson), Madame de la Grande (Adelia Nasir), and of course everyone else in the immense talent cast, gave such beautiful performances that touched those in the audience. 

Caitlyn Larson, a sophomore, played one of the “silly girls.” It was her first time being in a musical. She said, “This whole experience would definitely make me want to continue musicals, but it won’t be the same without certain people, especially the seniors.”

A highlight of the performance was most definitely the reveal of all the insanely talented singers. Two of the many incredible voices, belonging to Charlie Roberts as Gaston, and Brielle Starks as LeFou, were ones to remember. Throughout the whole musical, Roberts and Starks delivered their roles so vividly that it was like the actual characters were on stage. 

“My favorite part of the musical is the song, Gaston. We get to do a choreographed dance with cups and it’s very fun to perform,” Genny Zielinski, sophomore said.

Another cast member that truly shined in her role was Maciejewski. Having portrayed other vital roles in Lake Shore High School’s past productions, The Wicked Witch of the West for example. People coming into the play already knew Maciejewski would be perfect for the role of the beloved Mrs. Potts. From her singing to her overall demeanor on stage, Maciejewski was the right choice for Mrs. Potts.

The whole production had an abundance of positive feedback. The crowd was loud with applause and cheers after each performance for the talented students. Community members, students, teachers, and even those working behind the scenes all agreed the experience was an unforgettable one. 

Cristina Meldrum, a Spanish teacher at Lake Shore High School, was in the audience on one of the nights with her family. She said, ¨My daughters and I have been looking forward to seeing Beauty and the Beast for months, and it did not disappoint! From the set design to the exceptional performances by our amazing students, we enjoyed every second of the show.¨ 

Meldrum also added, ¨My girls especially loved being able to take pictures in their Belle dresses with the gracious cast members. We look forward to the next production!¨

Paul Leydet, a Lake Shore parent and community member also really enjoyed the show. He said, ¨The whole thing overall was amazing. I really enjoyed the funny bits with the wolves and Lumiere. But, really, the whole thing felt as if I was at a professional Broadway performance, and it was honestly a lot more than I was expecting. Amazing talent from everyone!¨

Everyone in attendance at the musical had amazing experiences, which goes to prove even further how much of a positive influence musical theater can have on a community.