LSHS College Signings


As the school year comes to an end, some of the seniors here at Lake Shore High School are going to college for their passion, sports. The signing took place on Thursday, May 18, 2023 with 13 students signing off to their colleges where they will pursue the sports they played here at Lake Shore. 

Connor Boddington (baseball), Carlie Chamberlain (soccer), Devin Davis (football), Samantha Dietz (volleyball), Emma Fries (soccer), Braylon Gaines (football), Mira Helsel (softball), Lindsay Jacob (soccer), Madalyne Kler (soccer), Spencer Olesky (softball), Peyton Peiffer (softball), Andrew Petty (football), Michael Pilka (soccer), Aly Senish (softball).

Connor Boddington is continuing school at Lake Michigan College for baseball, he has been playing baseball for 10 years. Boddington said he chose this school because he loves the coaching staff and the campus. He also said he wanted to play a sport in college because he likes playing baseball and he wanted to continue playing in college. 

He plans on majoring in school for business. Boddington said, “I love the community and how friendly the teachers are.” 

The process to becoming committed for Boddington has looked like lots of talking with different colleges and coaches, also visiting. 

Samantha Dietz is attending Madonna University and plans on playing volleyball. Dietz said that the school was pretty much lined up for her, it was close to home and it’s perfect for her major. Dietz plans on majoring in Phycology while playing volleyball. She always planned on pursuing volleyball after high school. 

She says she has been doing volleyball for a while now. Dietz started club in 6th grade and continued volleyball all throughout middle school and high school. 

Dietz said, “I have always wanted to go to a small college, it was close to home and I am able to play volleyball and continue with my major.” 

Spencer Olesky will be attending Macomb Community College for softball, she was a part of the early college program and will be going to school there for her 13th year. She plans on majoring in criminal justice. 

Olesky said, “I like softball and it would get me more knowledge about the sport and more experience to play at the university.” 

Olesky attended a lot of the practices and the coach then said she could be a part of the team. She has been doing softball since 1st grade which is about 12 years. She likes that Macomb is small and Olesky knows most of the people that takes the same classes. 

Emma Fries is planning on majoring in architecture at Lawrence Technology University while also playing soccer. Fries said, “I can get my masters in five years instead of six.” 

She loves the small campus most about this college and also the number of people she gets along with, Fries says they are smarter and more athletic so she feels she will fit in pretty good. 

She picked this college she says because Lawrence Tech is so expensive it would take money off her tuition and she is also very passionate about soccer. Fries mentioned that she has been doing soccer for fourteen years now since she started three years old.

Devin Davis Will be continuing his football career at West Bay Collegiate Academy majoring in sport management and sport science. He has been doing football since he was six years old and chose to do a sport in college because he has always had dreams of being in the NFL. 

Davis said, “It’s in Florida so the weather is good. I’m away from home, and I get to go into the real world by myself for once.” The process has been having good grades, texting coaches and getting in contact with them. 

As these students head off to college following their passions with sports, we wish them all good luck as this school year comes to an end this week. They all deserve these spots on the team at their colleges for the hard work they have put in throughout their high school years here at school. They will continue to grow, work hard and learn more about their sports each and every day.