Getting To Know Shorians: Senior Class President, Marissa White


The new senior class president, Marissa White, has been holding the responsibility of leading the class of 2024 since freshman year, she has made quite an impact on her peers. As their final year of high school rapidly approaches, the responsibilities of the senior class president become more intense. 

Being class president isn’t as easy as it looks, there are many responsibilities that White has to take on. 

“As class president, I assist in planning school dances, fundraisers, spirit days, and events as well as encouraging class participation in different activities and making sure the Class of 2024 always has a good time,” White said. 

White is very enthusiastic and passionate about her position, it truly takes a strong and open-minded person to represent such a diverse group of individuals. White is both of those things. Whenever there is a choice to be made, she is sure to get opinions from all the students in class of 2024 with different opinions and backgrounds. 

“I am excited to represent my peers as their input and experiences matter the most to me,” White stated. 

Being class president of any grade is very important, however, there is an added responsibility when it comes to the job of senior class president. Since seniors are experiencing high school life for one final year, it is immensely important for those special memories to be made and remembered. A big orchestrator of those memories is the senior class president. As expected, White assures she will be seeing it through that class of 2024 has an amazing last year at Lake Shore. 

“As senior class president next year, I look forward to making our senior year the best with an amazing homecoming, prom, and spirit days and I also look forward to organizing class activities like the senior sunrise!” said White. 

White is optimistic about her senior year and making it the best last year of high school that she can. She is excited to help others while also having lots of fun with all the activities. Class of 2024 is in for a fun year! 

White went on to talk about what led to her taking up such an important leadership role. 

“I decided to step into this leadership role because I want to make our high school experience the best it can be, and I enjoy assisting other students,” White said. 

White expressed how much impact the role has on the whole grade. If there is a strong class president, it will benefit everyone. 

“Goals I want to accomplish next year are significantly increasing participation, offering exciting activities to students, and creating a welcoming environment,” said White. 

Overall, White’s goal is to be a good leader for the class of 2024, as having a peer taking that responsibility makes all the difference in the high school experience. 

“The best aspect of being class president is making sure our grade has lots of fun!” White concluded.