Megan Morell: Lake Shores Award Winning Pole Vaulter


Ruby Fetko, Staff Writer

Megan Morell, sophomore, is an award-winning pole vaulter for Lake Shore High School. She has been competing since last year and won enough medals to convince the school to create a pole vaulting team.

Pole vaulting is a sport in track and field where an athlete launches his or herself into the air with a pole in attempt to get over a crossbar. Lake Shore had ended its pole vaulting program decades ago; however, interest in the sport has increased over the past few years. Lake Shore is working on creating a pole vaulting program again next year.

Morell says, “I’d advise anyone interested in trying out pole vaulting to join the track team next year and express interest; we are looking for more people to join.”

Morell faced many obstacles due to being the only person interested in pole vaulting. It was a struggle to find equipment and a place to practice. Despite her challenges, she kept her love for the sport and convinced Lake Shore to start a pole vaulting program. With this being said, Lake Shore has gathered pole-vaulting equipment for next year’s team. 

While there is little information about how the team will come together, if you are passionate about this sport it is greatly encouraged to get involved to get the team up and running. 

Morell says, “The best part about pole vaulting is the feeling of going over a bar at a new height I’ve never reached before.”

Just like in any sport, meeting your goals is the result of hard work. Morell paved the way for other students who are interested in competing in pole vaulting. Morell hopes for students to try out the sport next year and express interest in pole vaulting next year in hopes to create an award-winning team.

Pole vaulting is certainly not an easy or common sport, so having a team at Lake Shore will be something to take pride in. Fulfilling aspirations and achieving goals is exactly what Lake Shore High School represents, so if you are a Shorian and are interested in pole vaulting, get ready for next year!