Summer Plans for Shorians

Brendan Manor

The end of the 22-23 school year is coming at us very fast. With the school year ending, summer break will be in full effect. Travelling the world, having summer jobs and playing sports are all options for Shorians. 

“I am going on a couple vacations this summer one of them being Port Austin with my friends. My plans for the summer is to hang out with friends and family and to get really tan at the beach. I do have a summer job at Clintondale Daycare,” said Hannah Houth, a sophomore at Lake Shore. 

Like many, Houth has a lot of things going on for herself this summer.

“I plan on going up north this summer with all of my friends. It’s our last summer before my senior year, and we want to cherish it. I also might go to Florida with my family just for fun,” said Bella Figurski, a junior at Lake Shore. 

There are still responsibilities that Shorians have over the summer.

“This summer I’m working at Cathy’s Homemade Goods” said Figurski. 

“Cheer will probably take up most of my time because I’m taking it very seriously because it’s my last high school season. I have practice 9 hours a week as well as camps,” said Figurski.

“I will be playing basketball, playing football and going to work,” said Ja’Sean Dean, a sophomore at Lake Shore. 

Having a summer job is something that is greatly valued by a lot of Shorians. 

“I will be working at Footlocker,” said Dean. 

“I’m probably going to go back to my home town that’s it,” said Dean. Dean is from Wisconsin, so seeing his old home would surely make his summer.

“Going on vacation in August at Black Lake, Michigan. My plans are to just work and hang with friends and enjoy summer as much as I can. And, I am working over the summer” said Michael Dillion, a junior at Lake Shore. 

Clearly, a recurring pattern amongst many is going on vacation and hanging with friends.

Shorians are looking forward to summer vacation and already have many exciting plans and things to do. This summer can be a great chance to make memories and enjoy some time off from life inside the classroom.