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Should You Do a Promposal?


Prom is a few weeks away: how should you ask someone to the dance? A promposal is a great idea! A promposal is a way to ask someone out to prom. It usually includes a sign with a pun and decorations as a way to ask someone out. 

Senior, Abby Sample, said, “I think promposals are a great idea because they show your partner how much you care about them.”  This is true, even if they aren’t your partner! It’ll show someone you care about them.

Promposals are an amazing way to ask someone out, it could help someone with anxiety ask out their crush.

Some seniors won’t do promposals, while Sample states, “I am doing a promposal. I am getting my boyfriend a guitar pick and case since he plays guitar, and it is going to say ‘Can I pick you for prom?’” 

Michael Mehlhose, grade twelve, states, “No, I don’t plan on doing a promposal.” 

He continued, “I just don’t want to go with someone.” That is okay too! Some people prefer to just go with their friends! Promposals are optional!

Ava Edalski, senior, said, “I think promposals are a good idea whether it is for a significant other or for a friend because it is a good way to show that you are committed to that person. It is a fun way to ask someone to the dance with you.”

Edalski also says, “Putting in the effort to make a sign or buy someone flowers can be a great gesture and bring someone closer.” 

I think that promposals should be done for fun and to show your partner you care about them. Some people may find promposals cringy, or weird. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

People may think promposals are too cringey because of the puns in them. Sample said, “They are only cringey if you make it cringey; don’t be weird about them.” 

I agree with Sample, if you do a promposal you should make it cheesy and thoughtful instead of a cringey one. Some promposals are overused, though. 

Some overused ones are ones relating to songs. I’ve seen a lot of Kanye West promposals and a lot of Disney promposals aswell. When creating a promposal, you should get creative and think out of the box! 

Edalski’s opinion on it is, “I don’t think promposals are cringe at all. I think that they are a fun way to show someone that you care about them. It is also a memory that will last forever, even if it was a little awkward.” 

Promposals are supposed to be special and can help bring people closer. Prom is in five weeks, so if you want to do a promposal do it within the next few weeks.

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Clayton Stewart
Clayton Stewart, Staff Writer
Clayton Stewart, who goes by Clay, is in the 12th grade at Lake Shore High School. His hobbies are playing games like Valorant, Fortnite, Minecraft, and more. He also likes watching iceberg videos on YouTube. His interests include cats and adult animation shows, like Family Guy and Bojack Horseman. After high school, he plans to go into the Navy as a medic and become an EMT.

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