Softball Teammates put Academics Over Sports

The Ms. Fitz softball team shines on and off the field.


Photographed by Michael Senish

Double header wins to capture the league tournament!

Aly Senish, Staff Writer

The Ms. Fitz softball team is a team of eleven both intelligent and athletic girls. The team was the 2018 Clinton Macomb Girls Fastpitch League (CMGFL) champions, and then were the runner ups the following year. The team stats are a whopping .729 batting average, which is very hard to come by. But, if you think those stats are good, you should look at the academic numbers! 

The team is very diverse with girls coming from all different schools. Five from Lake Shore, two from Lakeview, one from L’anse Creuse North, St. Germaine, Lutheran North, and also, one is home schooled. Despite this, they all get along and have a great friendship with one another.

Miranda Matouk, the second basemen from Lakeview says, “Balancing academics and sports is mostly just time management, like getting homework done right after school, and then I will have time for sports.” Matouk’s intellect makes her good on the base pads and in the field, but it also gives her a great GPA outside of sports.  

The Ms. Fitz are different from other teams because they all have their own abilities unique from others, and they also all are very advanced academically. Faith Lowry, a freshman and first basemen out of Lake Shore, also goes to MMSTC. MMSTC is the Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center, where half the day students study Science, Mathematics and Technology at an advanced levelLowry is very smart and is a strong leader on and off the field. 

Lowry shares to individuals wanting to join an athletic team that,If you are passionate about it, you can always make time for it. Your schedule might be crammed, but you’ll be more happy.” 

Lowry spoke about her routine to maintain energy throughout the school day and her extracurricular sports. She says, “I try to go to bed really early. I go to bed at about 8:30, and I know that sounds kind of lame, but I need so much sleep because waking up at 5:00, it’s not that much, so I try to get a lot of sleep and I try to not procrastinate.”

Brooklyn Scuito is a utility player who attends St. Germaine, and plays volleyball there. She says, “At first it’s kinda scary because you don’t know them, but once you get to know them, it’s fine.” She spoke about being on a team with people from different schools. Scuito just joined the team during Fall Season 2019, and now is a regular starter. Her dedication on and off the field shows how determined she is. Scuito is very sharp, and always has great grades. 

The Ms. Fitz are a great team with amazing girls. They all try their hardest in school and in extracurriculars. Being a smart athlete is a privilege that every member on the Ms. Fitz has. They are a great team, filled with amazing girls.