Goodbye NFL, Hello XFL

Goodbye NFL, Hello XFL

Ted Harwick, Staff Writer

Watch out NFL,the XFL is back in town. The XFL is a twist on classic football. 

Some changes include multiple forward passes, three-point conversion, comeback period and kick-off. The multiple forward passes may seem odd at first but it makes a lot of sense. The offense can throw the ball forward as many times as they like as long as it is behind the line of scrimmage as in standard football only the quarterback can throw forward. 

The next new rule is conversions. In standard football after a touchdown, you can kick for one point or go for the two point conversion. In XFL after touchdown field goals are not a thing, they can choose to go for one point at the two-yard line, two points at the five-yard line, or three at the ten-yard line. The comeback period is a good new inclusion for the game. In standard football, the two-minute warning stops the clock and the rest of the quarter to stop the clock one must go out of bound, throw an incomplete pass this means no QB kneel. 

The next big change is kick-off. Players cannot move until the ball is caught by the returner. Similarly, on punts, the “punting team cannot release past the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.” If the game goes to overtime it becomes a shootout such as hockey or soccer and the game does not end until a team scores this is to ensure no tied games.

As of week three, the Houston Roughnecks are the best team in the league with three wins and no losses. Roughnecks quarterback, P.J. Walker, leads the passing game with 748 yards, ten touchdowns and only one interception. Walkers wide receiver, Cam Phillips, leads the receiving game in the league so far with 324 yards, seven touchdowns, and 20 receptions. His average is 16.2 yards. With this great synergy, they could lead the Roughnecks to an undefeated season.

Time for some crazy XFL plays. During week three, the St.Louis Battle Hawks had the first kickoff return touchdown. In the first XFL game of the season, the DC Defenders blocked a punt and turned it into a touchdown. Unfortunately for DC, in week three their punt got blocked and brought into the red zone. That bad luck for DC unfortunately continued for the rest of the game with multiple interceptions and losing their undefeated standing to a team with no wins.

The channels to watch these games are as follows, ABC, FOX, FS1, ESPN, ESPN2, and FS2. However ESPN2 and FS2 don’t have games often. Games are usually on Saturdays and Sundays, however, some will be played on Thursdays in the near future.