GSA Helps Show Shorian’s True Colors


Dylan Michael Moyer, Staff Writer

Gay, straight, bisexual students, and allies can all come together in the Gay-Straight Alliance Club. The GSA Club is run by Paige May, Lake Shore teacher. This club is a safe space for all! 

Lake Shore High School promotes the GSA, an afterschool club, from 3:15 pm-4:15 pm every Thursday in room 118B. 

The students in this club are diverse, but the current members are all female. The GSA is hoping to get males involved as well. The average number of students that show up each week is three. Due to the low enrollment, the GSA is unable to go on any field trips. Yet, they hope to get more students to participate, so they can go on field trips and do other fun activities to promote awareness. 

May wanted to run this club because it is fun, and she wanted to have a safe, comfortable place for these students. Inside this club, the students and May promote LGTBQ+ awareness. So far, GSA students have hung up pride signs in classrooms and made rainbow ribbons for people to show their support around school. 

If you are looking for somewhere to be yourself, GSA Club would be the answer! Sexuality can be a common difference between youth and older generations. This is a place for students and staff to educate themselves on the different identities here at Lake Shore.   

Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or any other sexuality, you are welcomed to this club. Be an ally! Don’t be afraid to show your true colors, acceptance is key!