Lake Shore’s First Ever Co-Presidents


Christa Shakori

The class of 2022 was lucky enough to not have one, but two class presidents. Valerie Belleck and Katie Budnick were awarded the position and are working together to make sure we have a memorable senior year.

 The girls had similar thoughts when they heard about the possibility of them being co-presidents. Belleck states, “I was excited to be working with another person.” There are many benefits of the ladies working together.

Budnick states, “For me, I love that we can have that second input from each other.” The two bounce ideas off of one another which creates more possibilities for the students. 

Although there are endless positive aspects, there are also some struggles they encounter while trying to work together. Belleck states, “There are definitely more pros than cons, but one struggle would be a lack of communication.” 

Budnick added, “The student body does not respect that we are both presidents.” 

This is actually the first time Lake Shore High School has had two class presidents. Belleck stated, “We had to change the bi-laws to state that if there were a tie there was an option to have co-presidents.”

Their bond with one another has grown a lot closer since becoming co-presidents. Budnick explains, “Val is someone who doesn’t give up, has a very kind heart, works for what she wants, and is very respected throughout the school.”

Belleck explains, “Katie is a fun, energetic, and spirited person that is a great fit for this position.”

The two girls will both give a speech at the class of 2022 commencement ceremony. They help organize all of our school events and run student congress.

They dedicate a lot of their time to make sure our students have an enjoyable school year. Next time you see them in the hall, give them a thank you for all of their hard work!