The Problem With Vending Machines


Christa Shakori

You may notice that the vending machine options are often limited and don’t contain popular snacks/drinks. The items we have in the vending machines that are labeled with “baked” or “diet” are considered to be healthy alternatives. 

The media portrays diet items to be healthier when in reality, they can be worse for your health. Multiple research studies have found that diet soda is associated with weight gain and insulin confusion. 

Many other schools such as Henry Ford and Dakota High School offer the typical snack/drinks options. 

Senior, Nevaeh Kempinski states, “I would use the vending machines a lot more if they offered non-diet pop.”

Lake Shore would profit much more off the vending machine sales if we had different options. Only a select few of our students enjoy the baked Doritos or zero sugar Gatorade. 

The reduced fat and diet options cost more which lowers the profit the school makes. The students would also be much happier paying less for these snacks.

Another senior, Shianne Hagewood states, “Health wise I would choose normal pop over diet because artificial sweeteners are worse for you than real sugar.”

The students and school would benefit from replacing the diet options with the regular snacks/drinks.