Spreading The News


Ella Mainhardt, Staff Writer

Upcoming events are things many students have to prepare for, but how many of them actually know ahead of time?

A main source to find news of events is the announcements that get played during home room

Annabella Misuraca, sophomore at Lake Shore, said that her home room classroom “Does not play the announcements.”

From another perspective we asked a Student Congress representative, Isabella Figurski, sophomore at Lake Shore. She states, “My teacher doesn’t play the announcements.”

Then the common thought is how do students find their information if it isn’t shown in class? “I usually just hear it around,” Misuraca replies.

“Usually because I’m in student congress or from my peers talking abt it, social media as well,” Figusrki says. This means all student congress members are being told about these events, while the students who aren’t a member don’t know what is going on. 

Talking with more students I heard Many students say that student congress could help with spreading this news. Many said they could make announcements on the overhead or send emails to home room teachers to announce.

Misuraca then shares, “Maybe some visual representation like some posters” would help out these students.

This may not seem like a big deal but to these students preparing is something they need much time for. 

Every student deserves to have the same opportunities to hear about these events. Every class should play the announcements, that’s why they are there. Posters should be posted around or emails sent out, anything to help out students.