LS Baseball Looks for a New Identity


Ayden Heuer and Janni Rumsfeld

The Lake Shore baseball team is finally getting into action. With new hopes and a high drive, the varsity squad is starting the season 2-2 with a win over Fitzgerald and Sterling Heights and tough losses to a ranked Richmond and Cardinal Mooney. 

Players are still excited and looking forward to showcasing what they can do as a team. Junior, Connor Boddington, says, “ The season is starting off pretty good from practices. Games are just now starting, so we’ll see how our games go. “

Just like Boddington the rest of the time is just as ambitious to get out and play baseball.  This is a defining season for our program and for the players in it. Junior, Tyler Giacona, says, “The goal for this year is just for us to improve winning games and having a better offense.” 

Lake Shore is looking to rebuild its program and climb back to its former glory. During a meeting, Lake Shore’s Athletic Director, John Hartley even stated, “This is a baseball school.” Hartley also emphasized the “win-now” attitude.

Peter Krotah, the new varsity head coach, is at the helm of this plan. Krotah, a heavily experienced coach, also has high aspirations for this season stating he is eyeing districts and then even regionals. 

Boddington also had reflected on the team this year, saying, “ I think our team is very well rounded this year and more of a veteran team compared to my other years.”

This year should be exciting with a 33-game season and a lot of time left for these players to prove themselves. 

There is still a lot to be excited about regardless of if Lake Shore can accomplish the win-now strategy, recently ace of the team, Zo Pizzo, committed to Delta College. This is huge for Lake Shore. For us to have a recruited player brings a lot to the program and in the same meeting where Hartley discussed the “win-now” strategy, Krotah had defined his philosophy of getting our skills out there for colleges. Although he wasn’t apart of Zo’s recruitment, it must still bring hope to him and throughout the whole team. 

All in all, Lake Shore baseball is ready to take back a spot as a strong, quality, and winning program.