The Senior Student Council Prom Preparation


Preston Peiffer, Staff Writer

The graduating class of 2022 is approaching their final weeks of their high school career. As the end of the year approaches, there are a lot of activities that happen every year, like the LSHS Senior Prom that will take place on May 19th.

But, all of this doesn’t just happen, there is a lot of planning involved. 

Senior class president, Katie Budnick, explains, “When planning a class event like this you have to think about how to make it good for everyone and think of having something to do all the time. Also, you have to make sure that you have reliable vendors.”

The senior student council takes a lot of time to put together events, especially an event that is as special as senior prom. There is a lot of their own spare time sacrificed so that the dance is special and memorable for all students. 

Senior Class Vice President, Jena Herbon, tells, “The senior student council spent two hours packaging prom tickets and making sure they look special for our classmates, and that doesn’t even count the time it took for us to design and print the tickets.”

There are so many small details that take so much time and effort these students put into an event like this. Most students wouldn’t even recognize the amount of effort put into this. 

Budnick says, “I will say it has been very stressful especially the closer the dance gets and all of the stuff coming at once. It is a lot. I like doing it and knowing that we will have an amazing dance, but I’m ready to be able to just enjoy the dance.”

As many other students might be getting more and more excited about prom, the senior student council is stressed about the little time left to get it together. They are just ready for the dance to be here and enjoy all their hard work. 

Budnick says, “I am excited, I feel like if I didn’t plan it I would be kind of scared to see what everything would look like. Also, if I never got this point of view I wouldn’t have noticed some stuff we are putting the most effort in. Centerpieces are something that are pretty but you don’t judge or notice, and with planning, I am freaking out over them.” 

The student council might be stressing over the prom preparation now, but they are very excited for the day to come where they can enjoy the dance with their friends and make this dance memorable.